Qualified Sales Leads

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Multi-Platform Data-Mining, Social Listening and Experienced lead Qualification

Your business lives and dies by the quality of its sales leads, yet so often companies task the most inexperienced members of staff with sourcing these leads.

Our years of experience in technology business development and our investment in deep access networking, data and social listening tools mean we can find the right decision makers and source the real time opportunities that will revolutionise the quality of your sales pipeline. We are THE experts in the provision of socially qualified sales leads.

Our Resources:

  • The highest level of LinkedIn Premium Personal Account ‘Pro’:
  • LinkedIn Corporate Recruiter Accounts (The only LinkedIn accounts with full and complete access to every profile on the LinkedIn network)
  • Datasift (facilitates unified social listening across multiple platforms)
  • Access to cutting edge analytics platform Akita
  • Additional Social Resources: Twitter/google+
  • Standard Internet resources, Company Webpages

 Our Experience:

Our consultants have years of experience generating high quality sales leads in high growth blue-chip tech firms (Microsoft/Salesforce/LinkedIn etc) in business development and sales roles. These firms are some of the best sales organisations globally and pioneer business development and sales tools and practices. Our heavy investment in the right tools allied to our experience ensure Devon Consult can provide your business with the type of leads that will help your sales team crush their number!

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